Below The Line

At Prowess we understand the value of every aspect of the marketing function. We are determined to provide the best solutions at an operational level. Our range of BTL (Below-the-Line) Services include BTL Activities such as carrying out Mall Activities, Festooning Strategic Sites in cities and metros with streamers, putting up special 3D Structures at roundabouts, etc. Our BTL Specialists devise strategies that are recognized as economical, unique, and personal to achieve "cut-through" in the supersaturated advertising environment. With our unique approach to our BTL Services, there arrives moments of truth facing the consumer. We believe that such moments are not only surprising but also this is where it all ends and it is also where success begins for both the brand and our client. Well-engineered processes and marketing-crafted tools help marketing teams outperform competition and provide the ultimate differentiator that will boost performance to new levels.

Mall activities
Merchandising campaigns
School activities
Apartment drives
Retail outlet promotions
Kiosk activities
Town storming
Urs and Melas
Puppet shows
Mystery shopping
Product demonstration
Road shows and floats
Customer loyalty programs